About Us

Robert Davies Jr.Owner/Presidentdavies@daviesec.com    Bob Davies is a past Board of Director for the National Electrical Contractors Association, which sets the policies and direction for Electrical Contractors in the San Diego area. He is presently a Committee board member on the National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee that is responsible for the interviewing, hiring, and education of some 400 apprentices in training entering into our industry. They also oversee the educational programs for about 1000 of our existing journeymen electricians in their continuing training classes. 

    Bob is also a present member of the San Diego Thunder Boats Unlimited Board of Governors, which oversees the operations of San Diego’s annual Bayfair Hydroplane boat races on Mission Bay.

Davies has been involved in the electrical industry for over 30 years. Graduated from the Electrical Industry Apprenticeship program in 1986. 

Joe Corrao Superintendent JCorrao@DaviesEC.com

Ron Doster Senior Project Manager RDoster@DaviesEC.com

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